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Organize your 3d models libraries with NAG ALL.

NAG Design & Art Direction released a new update of their one-click automatic library lister software; NAG ALL Pro V.2.2. Now, the users are able to customize the software’s default settings to fit their personal workflow for 3ds Max libraries organization. 

What is NAG ALL Software?

NAG ALL is a smart software specialized in automating the organization process of digital library assets with only a single click. After NAG ALL software mission is performed, the user will have a highly organized library in the form of 3ds Max file beside its related preview image. The sorted 3D library is ready for manual drag and drop process into 3ds Max canvas, or for linking with any of the assets management plug-ins, such as, Project Manager, Connecter, or Autodesk Assets Library.



NAG ALL software is successfully tested over thousands of 3D assets, such as 3dsky,, 3dbrute, Dimensiva, cgtrader, Turbosquid 3D models, and much more. NAG ®ALL software is trusted by 500+ freelance 3D artists & studios from 50+ countries around the globe.
What are the features of NAG ALL Software’s new update V.2.2?

  • Processing Both Compressed & Uncompressed Files - NAG ALL processes compressed (zipped) files such as RAR, 7Z & ZIP or uncompressed (pre-extracted) files smoothly.
  • Files Renaming Features - NAG ALL renames all the files inside the compressed (zipped) files or uncompressed (pre-extracted) files to match the related preview image name.
  • Additionally, in case that the file to be renamed contains release year or render engine version information, NAG ALL keeps this information in the renamed files. Regarding texture files, it keeps them with their original name to avoid relinking problems.
  • Folders creation options - By default, NAG ALL creates four main folders to provide the user with clean structure with 0% data loss. The user is able to create or not to create any of those folders. 

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