Advanced Exterior Visualizations Course

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Join online advanced video course for 3DS MAX, Corona & V-Ray Renderer, and Photoshop.

ArchViz artist annhounces start of Advanced Exterior Visualization Course. There is a plenty opf material that you will learn. You can join the course on Advanced Exterior Visualizations Course webpage.

What will you learn?
Corona & V-Ray Render Engines - You’ll learn how to create advanced visualizations using both render engines – Corona Renderer and V-Ray for 3ds max. During one course, you will learn two most popular renderers that are used in architectural visualization studios around the world so you will be prepared for different scenarios.

Camera Setup & Composition - You will learn the process of selecting a camera angle according to the composition rules as this is one of the most important steps during the process of creating the visualizations. Especially if you want to create advanced visualizations, your cameras should create more than just a shot, they should tell a story per se. It’s not always about creating the most unobvious camera you can think of, sometimes it’s more about simplicity, depending on the effect we want to achieve.




Advanced Lighting Setup - Lighting is the most powerful tool to capture emotions, it can change the mood, atmosphere, and depth of any image. This is why we pay a lot of attention to this topic in this course. Creating advanced lighting scenarios will be key in creating visualizations that grab the attention of your viewers and that really stand out among others.

Fog & Volumetrics - You will learn how to use Fog & Volumetrics to your advantage. By using this effect in your visualizations, you will see a huge difference in your works. It influences the realism of the images by adding layers and depth to them. However, it also creates a mood and atmosphere that cannot be achieved without this effect.

Super Advanced Materials - There is a huge gap between basic materials and advanced ones, and it mainly refers to the level of details. If you understand materials in real life and know how to recreate the complicated materials, your visualizations will jump to a totally new level. During this course, you will learn how to create one of the most complicated materials so after that you will never struggle with creating any material anymore.

Postproduction - Postproduction is one of these things that can help or break your image. We use postproduction to add mood, atmosphere to the image, to highlight the most important parts of the visualization, to keep general balance and color balance. You will learn this approach across the lessons, this will help you improve your images instead of breaking them.

Join Advanced Exterior Visualizations Course by ArchViz Artist. Cost is €599 till 4th of October. After that date it will cost €699.

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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