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Improved Performance, Deform Controls, New Macros, and more.

V-Ray users can now use the VRayMultiSubTex and VRayUVWRandomiser maps with RailClone. Just by enabling Instance ID Mode, you are now able to randomly scale, offset, and rotate the UVWs for each segment. You can also randomly assign bitmaps, including the ability to randomise their hue, luminosity, and gamma. These two maps together are tremendously handy for adding a lot of variation to your parametric models. Of course, much of this was already available using the UVW XForm node in RailClone along with RailClone Color, and we’re happy to report that the latter is also now supported by V-Ray 5 GPU.




Randomise UVW and maps

RailClone users who create complex styles with a lot of nodes will find their RailClone objects evaluate much quicker in this release. Several of our most sophisticated assets enjoyed a speed boost of up to five hundred percent! 

Perhaps the biggest change to affect the way you might build your styles in the future comes in the form of a new Deform tab added to the Transform operator. The new tab incorporates all of the Deform settings found in the Segment node, but with a key difference - you can now easily change the these settings for multiple segments in one go. 

The new Deform settings also have another function. Imagine that you're using RailClone to make a circular glamping pod like the one shown in the preview below. In order for a style like this to be created correctly, the segments need to be able to bend around a circular spline. For this to work, Bend > Deform needs to be enabled. 




More information about RailClone 4.3 is on iToo RailClone site. If you’re ready to update, RailClone 4.3 is out now.

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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