3ds Max 2022 released

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Reat wht's new in 3ds Max 2022


  • Smart Extrude Enhancements - Smart Extrude now features two new operations when performed with a Shift+Drag extrusion on an Editable Poly or Edit Poly modifier.
  • Slice Modifier Enhancements - The Slice modifier has been updated with a number of new features to aid modeling tasks.
  • Symmetry Modifier Enhancements - The Symmetry modifier has been improved to make modeling faster and easier.
  •  - Relax Modifier Enhancement - The Preserve Volume option smooths fine detail and noise on your model while retaining its shape and definition.
  • Extrude Modifier Enhancements - The Extrude Modifier has been improved to achieve better results quickly and interactively.
  • Bake to Texture - Bake to Texure now includes a selection of pre-configured maps to streamline frequent baking operations.
  • Viewport Improvements - The viewport now features more control over ambient occlusion and floating viewport windows.
  • Arnold Renderer - MAXtoA - This version of 3ds Max includes MAXtoA based on Arnold
  • Rendering Improvements - 3ds Max 2022 includes a number of improvements to make rendering easier and faster.
  • Security Improvements - 3ds Max 2022 includes a number of security improvements to protect your 3ds Max scenes and files.
  • Edit Poly Modifier Enhancement - The Edit Poly modifier now includes Smart Extrude functionality, which was previously only available in the Editable Poly object class.
  • Autosmooth Function Improvement - Autosmooth has been significantly improved, providing performance gains whether smoothing a thousand faces or a million.



Lear nore on 3ds max 2022 relase notes page.

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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