Virtual Production in Unreal Engine

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Real-time animation in Unreal Engine is a game changer for film industry.

Virtual Production in Unreal Engine becomes a ground-breaking new workflow for film and animation industry. Below you will see two films - the first is showcasing the possibilities of Unreal Engine as a Virtual Studio and the second is a compilation of professionals that are talking about their way of using this engine during film-making.

Showcasing cutting-edge in-camera VFX, Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 celebrated some of the pioneers transforming filmmaking with next-generation tools and techniques.


Business Development Manager Miles Perkins, Industry Manager for Film & TV David Morin, and Head of the LA Lab Connie Kennedy, to hear about the many ways in which Epic Games is investing in virtual production: from Unreal Engine development, to educational initiatives like the Unreal Fellowship, to free high-quality assets and environments on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, to financial assistance from the Epic MegaGrants program.


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