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The world of crowd simulation has been given new life with the release of Anima 4.0.

The software has been greatly improved since version 3.5 to be the best and fastest option on the market that focuses on a single goal: no fancy features, simpler and more consistent workflow, and at the same time affordable. To achieve this, a new and innovative way of capturing real people in motion has been designed, supported by a new algorithm for animation data compression. A great effort has also been made to improve the overall usability of anima by making it even more compatible with industry standards.





New features:

4D Digital Humans

In Anima 4.0 we are combining the best of the Ready-Posed characters and Rigged with the new Ambien and 4D Digital Humans. These new animated characters are capable of preserving all the details of the clothing and offer facial animations that provide unattainable realism. All this is possible thanks to a new motion capture algorithm and technology developed by the AXYZ design team that allows 5GB of data of each character to be compressed into just 150-250MB. This process is capable of capturing all those details that are normally lost in a typical Rigged character. Furthermore, to improve real-time performance, 4D character technology takes advantage of the streaming capabilities of the multi-core CPU making it possible to use many of these actors at the same time and achieve 120fps in Unreal Engine.

Ambient 3D People

Previously, when creating an animated simulation, the difference in quality between Rigged and Ready-Posed characters was noticeable, as the latter offered higher fidelity. However, Ready-Posed characters were static... until now. We are introducing in anima 4.0 the new Ambient 3D characters. Thanks to 3D scans and a new automatic rigging solution we are able to capture and apply various movements to be used as idle animations. These actors are ideal to populate the middle and front plane of a scene being able to: look at the stage, look at other actors, and simulate the movement of arms, legs, and breathing. All these subtle variations greatly enhance realism. The entire Ready-Posed library will be gradually updated to become Ambient 3D for free!

Integrated Shop

Anima's strength lies not only in the realism of its animations and characters but also in the ease of use of the application. A great effort has been made to improve the user experience by adding an AXYZ design Store integration to access, download, buy and manage all purchased characters and animations. Now all of this can be done within the software itself, making your workflow faster and simpler.

New Login/License

Another great improvement of the user experience is the new anima 4.0 licensing system. Instead of copying and pasting weird codes to license the software, you can now use your AXYZ design website login credentials. By simply sign in your account you can easily manage your licenses, access your profile, downloads, and all animal-related content.

Auto Download/Update system

The new integration of the website store and account login brings another great feature. While you're online, the system will automatically keep all your content up to date and notify you of any available software updates.

New Maya Plugin

Having a great workflow between anima® and the other content creation tools has always been our main goal. 3dsMax®, Cinema 4D®, and Unreal Engine® are some of those programs that are already available for seamless integration with anima®, not to mention that it is compatible with several rendering engines such as V-Ray®, Corona®, Octane®, and Arnold®. To continue improving our offer, we introduce a new plugin for Maya®. This new addition allows anima® to reach the VFX industry and let artists unleash the power of their imagination.


More information: AXYZ Anima site.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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