Postoffice Crowd and Stadium Tool

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A realtime tool for creating stadiums and crowd.

Postoffice's new Crowd and Stadium Tool was made to streamline the process of creating a stadium and crowd. with this tool one can create new crowd looks on the fly using proceduraly generated clothing. The tool has a support for crowd featuring men, women, children, flags, props, stewards, press etc included.

Stadiums can be built in realtime with an endless array of tweakable options. All Olympic / Euro cup countries are pre programmed and ready to go.
At the moment Postoffice is not licensing the tool, instead the company helps agencies, brand and other post-houses with their crowd shots. Postoffice Amsterdam is a post-production company that produces VFX and other post-production services for the international advertising industry. With specialities in crowds and character/ CGI animal work.



Author: VM Editor: Michał Franczak
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