New Ivy Generator plugin for 3DS Max 2020 in development

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Script/Plugin to generate ivy’s for 3Ds Max 2020

A while ago Guillermo M Leal LLaguno decided to port the excellent program created by Thomas Luft Ivy Generator to maxscript, Once he had created a working version he realized that it was extremely slow to be used on a real project,

So I started to modify the algorithm where I could and try to add a few optimizations to speed it up but it still was too slow. I knew then I had to make it a plug in if I wanted to get the same speed as the original software but while I knew c++ I have never wrote a max plugin before so I decided that this was a good opportunity to learn how to write one. - Guillermo M Leal LLaguno

At the moment the actual generation of the ivy is done in c++ (plugin) and the branches and leaves in maxscript. He will probably do the branches on the plugin side as well. It’s still a wip but it already works fine. You can see below a small demonstration.


More information on Guillermo M Leal LLaguno site.

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