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Lighting techniques, Materials and exercises to get Photorealistic Rendering.

The presale started for "Chiaroscuro with V-Ray", a book that talks of different topics like materials, post-production, etc... linking all the topics to the lighting and the photographic 'Chiaroscuro' technique to control the quality of the images.

The presale ends on July 1st, and the first books will be sent on July 15th. Order your copy today.




Too often we are concerned exclusively with the amount of light falling on an object when instead, a good portion of our attention should be focused on the quality of the shadows that it produces.

The book “CHIAROSCURO WITH V-RAY” is the evolution of the previous book “Photography & Rendering with V-Ray”.

The artistic aspect, in particular, is further scrutinized, using chiaroscuro to steer the lighting techniques; photography remains a predominant element, while certain technical aspects, which have now become obsolete, make room for new explanations, new videos, and new exercises to substitute and enhance the ones in the previous book.



Shaping with light is a classic concept in photography and painting and its application to rendering brings a more profound vision and remarkable artistic momentum to this wonderful art form.

The book is targeted to both those who have never used V-Ray before and to those already familiar with the software, who are looking for a way to organize their ideas in a simpler and more linear fashion.




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