New York style buildings Collection is out!

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Archmodels vol. 215 - New, big collection of New York style buildings released, suited to modern city visualizations.

57 detailed buildings in one collection! This one is huge and full of hand-crafted detailed models that will be very usable in city exterior visualizations.

Archmodels vol. 215 comes in MAX, FBX, OBJ and C4D formats, prepared for V-ray, all textures made with PBR workflow. We like the result so much that we decided to give this a run and prepared a short animation with our new buildings:




Models were textured with Substance Painter, we provided two sets of texture sizes for each building: 1024 (1K) and 4096 (4K) depending on your needs and project requirements.



Complete building is more than walls and windows. We need firestairs, air conditioning, curtains, shop interiors, banners!



Wireframe. Average polycount is about 500k tris. Objects were prepared for V-ray (3ds Max and Cinema 4D), Advanced Renderer (C4D). We also provided FBX and OBJ files for other software.



57 Models in the collection, including textures, props, even (very) simplified interiors to increase photorealism!


You can get this collection here: Evermotion Shop - Archmodels vol. 215













Author: Evermotion Editor: Michał Franczak
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StephenGiderson05:39:07  |  21-06-2019
This would be any architects dream I think! It's amazing to see that there are so many buildings to have a look at and how they would compare to the real things on the street!
MarkSindone09:26:37  |  11-07-2019
I've really enjoyed seeing the new collections being released on this website! It's always really amazing to see what people are able to come up with when they're at their most creative! You really wouldn't be able to tell that these pictures are all rendered if you didn't know to ask!


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