TopoLogiK – a new retopo tool for 3DS Max

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It brings a more procedural and parametric approach to retopology in 3dsmax.




All these tools work with a continuous projection on the reference mesh.


  • Paint Stripe.
  • Move Bezier knots.
  • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curve.
  • Change Stripe subdivs.
  • Taper Ends.
  • Snap on other edges.
  • Auto adapt width.
  • Edit custom Edge ring like a Stripe.
  • Brush Radius.


  • Paint Surface.
  • Move Bezier knots.
  • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curves.
  • Change Surface width and height subdivs.
  • Continue surface after surface.
  • Can extend an Edge selection.
  • Brush Radius.

Create Face

  • Create new face from nothing, edge, vertex or corner.
  • Auto snap/weld to the closest vertex or edge.
  • Select and extend edge loop.
  • Move vertex.
  • Delete Face.


  • Paint Branches.
  • Move end points.
  • Change width and height subdivs.
  • Twist and rotate.
  • Continue branch after branch.
  • Extend open branches.


  • Select start and end edge loop.
  • Change bridge subdivs.


  • Cap hole.
  • Rotate the Cap mesh to find the perfect orientation.
  • Change the Cap subdivs with all possible cases.


  • Relax Brush.
  • Change Radius and Strength.


  • Auto find the closest sub element (Face, Edge or Vertex).
  • Auto snap to closest vertex.
  • Add and remove from selection.
  • Move a selection.
  • Delete a selection or Paint delete (Face, Edge or Vertex).
  • Select Edge Loop.
  • Snap along edges.

Freeze tools (protect faces from changes)Freeze brush.

  • Freeze & Unfreeze.
  • Freeze & Unfreeze all.
  • Freeze & Unfreeze face selection.


  • Auto-detection of the closest edge ring.
  • Slide the new Edge loop along the closest edge.
  • Split from custom Start to End edges.


  • Snap to vertex.
  • Snap along edge.
  • Delete selected edge.

Opacity controls.

Projection distance.

Live project (to project using editable poly or mesh).

Dynamic shortcuts reminder.

You can buy TopologiK for 36.90€ from this website. Plugin is compatible with 3ds Max 2013 to 2019.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: retopology
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