Real IES 3.0 released

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Create your custom photometric files in seconds.

Real IES generates files compatible with a wide range of 3D applications. 

Real IES 3.0 features:

  • Asymmetric lightcone - C0-180 and C90-270 planes: With Real IES 3 you can now create asymmetric light cones by adjusting separately the intensity for C0-180 and C90-270 planes. If you need a symmetric light instead, just leave the values in one of the tabs blank and the saved photometric file will be symmetric by default.
  • LightGraph - precise polar diagram - The LightGraph tab (new in Real IES 3) offers a proportional photometric polar diagram of the photometric light while being created. The yellow color of the line corresponds to C0-180 plane, while the blue one represents the C90-270 plane.
  • Snapshots - to use inside Real IES and to export - In the Snapshots tab you can store in temporary memory up to three different snapshots, capturing the light cone and the light parameters corresponding to it. Starting from Real IES 3 you can export your IES as a rasterized 32-bit .exr file.
  • LightList - In the LightList tab (new in Real IES 3) you can see the exact intensity values for all the angles, both the ones that you have on the sliders and the intermediate ones, for C0-180 and C90-270 photometric planes.
  • LightSpikes - The LightSpikes slider (new in Real IES 3) on the top of the LightGraph tab, allows you to manipulate the intensity values of the angles “between the sliders”. This way you can create more artistic photometric lights with sharper borders within the light cone.



Real IES 3.0 is available for €59,99. More info on RealIES webstie.

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