Hard-surface Modeling in Blender is out

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Bring your hard surface creations to life.  

Hard surface modeling is common in creating concept art for Sci-Fi movies, props for video games, real-world robotic design, 3d printing. Gleb alexandrov (Creative Shrimp) and Aidy Burrows (CGMasters.net) created compherensive tutorial for Blender users that focuses on the most efficient ways to create hard surface models.


  • Video Info: 13+ hours, 2560 x 1440, MP4 format
  • 80+ Hard-surface Modeling Tutorials
  • 2 Workflows: Sub-d and Boolean
  • Software Used: Blender 2.79b
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate




Difficulty: beginner / intermediate

The first part of the videocourse, the side A as we call it, is aimed at the beginner users. It’s the essentials of modeling theory and primers and the showcase of the most popular modeling tools and techniques. 6 hours.

The side B on the other hand, requires a pretty solid understanding of the basic modeling tools and principles, UI and so on. It’s aimed at the intermediate users. 7 hours.


  • All the neccessary .blend files are included
  • A Kitbash Set. Joints, hinges, latches, cables and many other things. 

For more information visit CGMasters.net or CreativeShrimp.com

Get it now on BlenderMarket or Gumroad. Early bird discount until 11th July.


Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: blender hardsurface glebalexandrov aidyburrows
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cadian12:54:13  |  10-07-2018
Definitly a must have... not sold via Evermotion Store? ;-)
martta11:15:29  |  11-07-2018
Unfortunately it is not sold via Evermotion Store.


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