Unreal Engine with VXGI 2.0 is out

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Next step in Dynamic Illumination by Nvidia is released for Unreal Engine 4.19!

Nvidia VXGI (voxel based global illumination) was introduced to Unreal Engine in 2016. Now, with VXGI 2.0 Nvidia promises better speed and quality of dynamic lighting in engine.

Global illumination (GI) is a way of computing lighting in the scene that includes indirect illumination, i.e. simulating objects that are lit by other objects as well as ideal light sources. Adding GI to the scene greatly improves the realism of the rendered images. Modern real-time rendering engines simulate indirect illumination using different approaches, which include precomputed light maps (offline GI), local light sources placed by artists, and simple ambient light.


You can download Unreal Engine with VXGI and HBAO+ from GitHub. Make sure you are logged in, or you will see "404" error.

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