Verge3D 2.3 for 3ds Max Released

Alexander Kovelenov 2018-04-17 11:58 article  > Software

Improved 3ds Max integration and export

3D web design

The most important feature of this release is a new workflow for creating full-fledged websites, including conventional text/image layouts, immersive 3D graphics, sound, and of course, interactivity.

The essence of the idea is based on the following basic principles:

• Using familiar 3D modeling package, supplemented with tools for creating 3D Web content
• Creating application logic in the Puzzles editor
• Integrating Verge3D with responsive web design tools such as Webflow

The results of using this approach presented in the demo application:

BTW, the source files and models for this demo are available free of charge as part of Verge3D for 3ds Max distro.

Improved 3ds Max integration and export

This release includes various performance optimizations for the export and Sneak Peek operations. The most mission critical sections of the framework was rewritten to the C programming language resulting in 10x speed improvement.

The Export Settings panel is now available. It currently contains the field to sign your models with a copyright mark, the LZMA compression switch (see below) and the settings for the outlining postprocessing effect.

Also, Verge3D 2.3 comes with basic support for V-Ray materials. While developers have no intention to support materials from external renderers, in this version they have added some support for V-Ray materials so that they can be at least exported and properly displayed in the browser.

Efficient asset compression

Asset compression is a critically important method to save bandwidth and speed up application loading. Previously, Verge3D users could only rely on gzip compression, a method that offers a mediocre compression rate and requires admin-level access to a server in order to enable it. Since now, you can leverage a much more efficient method of compression based on the LZMA algorithm, which is also completely under your control.

As a result, the average file size of an exported scene is now 6 times less, which drastically accelerates loading on slow connections. You can enable LZMA compression in the export settings – read more about using this feature in the Verge3D User Manual.


Puzzles, the Verge3D’s visual programming environment, was supplemented with a new bunch of puzzles that are necessary to build feature-rich 3D web applications similar to the above-mentioned experience.

Various graphics and usability features

The quality of the Outlining postprocessing effect was improved. It now looks much better over dark backgrounds.

Shadows are also looking much better. The Bias and Absolute Map Bias parameters were additionally supported. Also, front faces of meshes are rendered for shadow maps by default – this way we avoid disappearing shadows from planes, for example.

Another feature is significantly improved quality of normal maps thanks to exporting tangents of meshes both for standard and physical materials.

As always this release comes with several bugfixes and other minor improvements.

Fore more info see the official press release:

Author: Alexander Kovelenov
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