Unreal 4.19 released

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With physical light units, better landscape generation and new antialiasing method.

New features:

Temporal Upsampling

New upsampling method increases quality of output, now your background objects will be more sharp and crisp than with previous Temporal Anti-aliasing.


Dynamic Resolution

Resolution is adjusted to deliver desired framerate to maintain smooth gameplay

Physical Light Units

Now all lights intensity can be set in physical units. The setting is controlled for each light individually.



Live Link Plugin Improvements

Now you can link data between Unreal Engine, Maya and Motionbuilder.

Sequencer Improvements

You can now copy/paste/duplicate object tracks and their child tracks from the right-click context menu, even between sequences.

You can now offset the Actors controlled by Sequence Transform tracks with a global offset at runtime. This allows you to also reuse a Level Sequence in different coordinate spaces.


Landscape Rendering Optimization

Landscape level of detail now uses screen size to set detail of object, which gives more detail of the distant objects.

Material Parameters Editing and Saving

Save parameter values to a new Child Instance or Sibling Instance in the Material Editor and the Material Instance Editor.

Save to Sibling Instance enables you to save the current parameters and overrides to a new Material Instance with the same Parent Material.

Save to Child Instance enables you to save the current parameters and overrides to a new Material Instance with the current instance as the Parent Material.

Material Layering

Material Layering enables you to combine your Materials in a stack, using the new Material Layer and Material Layer Blend assets. 


Cloth Updates

Folder Favorites for the Content Browser

You can now mark any folder in your Content Browser as a "favorite" to make it easily accessible. 

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: unreal
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Unreal Engine is free for teachers and students

Unreal Engine is free for teachers and students

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