Epic launches Unreal Studio now in Open Beta

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A new product for architectural visualizations and product design.

Epic noticed growing potential of architectural visualization industry and is launching beta of Unreal Studio that is aimed to help to speed up process of creating arch-viz animations, applications and images. Unreal Studio includes the Datasmith workflow toolkit that simplifies importing CAD and 3ds Max data (others are in the pipeline) into Unreal Engine. Additionally, Unreal Studio includes invaluable assets from Allegorithmic, technical support, and a variety of learning solutions.

Unreal Engine, which history dates from 1998, now in its fourth revision is becoming more and more popular in arch-viz bussiness, growing from 10 to 20 percent users from AEC industry in the recent two years.



The Unreal Studio open beta builds on the success of our Datasmith release. Datasmith simplifies bringing Unreal Engine into architecture and design pipelines with automatic lightmap and UV creation along with scripted workflows to organise, optimise and clean up geometry - explains Marc Petit, general manager of Unreal Enterprise at Epic Games. - The feedback has been overwhelming: In just five months we had over 14,000 beta registrations, and a recent beta survey reported Datasmith productivity gains of 113 percent. We’re taking all the "boring" work out of the process and giving users more time to be creative.

Unreal Studio is now free and available for all that want to join the beta. After end of beta period which will be in November 2018, user will pay $49 for month for Unreal Studio. You can get acces to beta on official site.



Unreal Studio (beta) offers:

  • Datasmith: a workflow toolkit for non-destructive import of data into Unreal Engine
  • Industry-focussed learning solutions
  • Exclusive assets, including 100 Substances from Allegorithmic
  • Dedicated technical support  


Get Unreal Studio Beta.

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