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Epic publishes pipeline of Fortnite trailer made in Unreal Engine.

In late 2016, in preparation for the game’s release, Epic Games began production on a three-minute cinematic trailer for Fortnite. Epic’s goal was to create a real-time animated short with the same quality as a pre-rendered sequence, but which would allow real-time navigation and interaction with the set during the production process.

While Unreal Engine was originally designed as a game development tool, its integration of many animation pipeline tasks—versioning, rigging, animation, editing, editorial review, changelist distribution, and others—make it an ideal tool for animation work as well. Its real-time rendering capabilities contribute to the mix, giving instant feedback for faster work and better results.

In a traditional pipeline, the need for a rendering step adds hours or days between changes and review. With real-time rendering, changes are visible almost immediately so work can continue. 


Read full whitepaper on Epic's website.

Author: Epic Games Editor: Michał Franczak
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Sketchrender13:54:29  |  05-03-2018
Looks great. How long before Arch viz can model directly in UE and detail everything as we do in Max or your chosen modeler? This is the Holey Grail for me ?


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