Advancing real time graphics in Unreal Engine 4

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The latest achievement by Art by Rens.

This is a work made by Art by Rens. The artist was focused on improving the quality of realtime graphics. This video was made with the use of photogrammetry and Unreal Engine.

During this time I looked at the possibility of realism and breaking current workflow to try and increase the visual quality of games. With hardware and software continuously evolving and new techniques becoming available, it creates endless possibilities to explore - Art by Rens


It is a balanced experience between learning, creating, figuring out what went wrong or could have been done better and growing your skill set. Having done this for a while, Art by rens is now creating a playable tech demo that will showcase what games can look like when these techniques are applied. 

Art by Rens is Technical Art Director, Developing 4K graphics and games. Supporting Epic Games Paragon. Ex Battlefield 3,4, Hardline.

Music: KOSATKA - Documentary Commercial Ambient


Author: Art by Rens Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: landscape unreal artbyrens
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abhi3ds14:16:20  |  27-07-2017
This is wonderful...So realistic..amazing...!!!


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