AXYZ design launches anima 2.5

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The latest version tool for populating scenes is out. Check the new features!

ANIMA 2.5 is distributed as free upgrade for those customers who already have the software and can download directly from AXYZ website.

This major update comes with lots of new features such as:

  • Support for Metropoly Ready-Posed characters,
  • Integrated online asset shop,
  • Exporting features for OpenCollada and V-Ray Scene formats,
  • Improved Custom Actor and Motion Clip importer,
  • Extended color variation support & mask.

For a detailed list of improvements and features please read the release notes.

To understand and make visible the improvements of Anima 2.5, here you have our latest corporate production video.


New additions to Anima 2.5

Moreover, there are new additions to the software as the new revamped visuals (lighting and 3d viewport shader improvements) and a new material and texture system that allows selecting render quality in the export options and plugins in order to optimize rendering times. Actor assets will now store different quality levels of the texture maps and the Actor editor displays a reference decal on the left view useful for determining the orientation and size of the character.

It is also important to highlight that the auto-center support and free movement for background models has been vastly improved. Background models can be freely moved inside anima and the applied transformation will be reversed when exporting scenes or using anima Plugin. This is very useful for working with background models that are not centered in the origin 0,0,0.

For more information about Anima 2.5 features visit the new AXYZ website.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
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