Nööburgring - animation breakdown

Piotr Tatar 2017-02-28 10:36 article  > Animation

The winner of car render challenge, Piotr Tatar shows a breakdown of his animation.

Rendering done in 3ds Max and Redshift, composited in Nuke. Everything was rendered with 7x GTX 980Ti. Interior shots took ab. 7 minutes per frame in full HD. Exterior rendered with single GTX 980 TI, about 5 minues per frame.

My road reference for car simulation was model from asseto corsa mod, which was helpful to get proper elevation, hard to guess without it.

Piotr Tatar on ArtStation.

Author: Piotr Tatar Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: animation humster3d caranimation
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ajaipk13:27:02  |  28-02-2017
Very realistic and lively movements..top class modeling ,texturing,lighting,rendering and postproduction.. all the best.
Green_lantern17:19:48  |  15-03-2017
I rarely login in Evermotion site even if I often come here to watch works. But this time I logged in proper to do my congratulations to this Artist, rarely this therm is used properly. but in this case is really really needed.


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