TurboSquid Announces StemCell

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A tool for smooth conversion of 3D models between applications.

Now it will be easier to transfer models from one app to another. An artist can upload a model in one format to Turbosquid and the conversion will be automatically made on Turbosquid servers, developers promise "perfect" models conversion (with materials) for  different modeling packages, engines and renderers.

“Ultimately, our goal is to make buying and using a 3D model as painless as using a stock photo,” explained Matt Wisdom, TurboSquid CEO. “The demand for accessible 3D content is growing – we saw major companies like Microsoft and Adobe release new tools this past year aimed at making 3D easier for everyone to use. We are in a unique position to speed that process up by standardizing a huge library of 3D models.”

“We’re app agnostic. We want to have models available for customers regardless of the tool they’re using,” said Wisdom. “The key for us is making sure that the customer experience is smooth. By delivering automated, flawless conversions, customers will feel like they’re getting a model that was modeled directly in the app that they are comfortable using.”

StemCell is based on PBR texturing workflow. It has some limitations though - you cannot use procedural maps in your models, and the models should be fully unwrapped.

A beta group of TurboSquid artists have begun submitting models built in Max or Maya (with V-Ray) to outputs in Max, Maya, Unreal and Unity. Support for Cinema4D, Blender, Stingray, Lumberyard, Arnold, Mental Ray, and more are coming in 2017. More information about StemCell.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
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