Pflow Labyrinth for 3ds Max

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A quick Pflow Script to create random growing labyrinth effect.

Create laybirynth in 3ds Max with this simple script.

Here is how to setup it quickly :

  • In the script operator, open or copy paste the downloadable script.


  • To modify the effect, edit the script and change the “EACH” value.
  • This value is by default a random value. You can change it’s random range or set it to a fixed value.
  • This is basically each frame the particle changes direction, so if you set it to 10, the particles will change direction each 10 frames.
  • if you keep it random, the changes will be random, and each particle with a different changing frame.
  • You also can change the “SPEED” value. Of course because it’s a Pflow script you can add more Pflow operators to it, like a collision, to keep it inside a volume…etc

Download the script from

Author: Pflow Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: pflow
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