Floor Generator v.2.0 is here!

Press Release 2016-04-06 17:30 article  > Software

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What is new:

  • Full version (20€) can create 5 floor patterns. Free version is limited to the standard floor.
  • It is now a modifier (plugin), not a script.
  • Works on ANY flat surface, direction doesn't matter.
  • You can save and load settings.

Buy / Download on www.cg-source.com.

Direct link: https://cg-source.com/floorgenerator.php

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: floor generator plugin
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mazigh01:00:03  |  07-04-2016
in blender 3d free http://blendingjacob.blogspot.com/p/jarch-vis.html
gregMC16:54:16  |  07-04-2016
spacename22:00:41  |  11-10-2019
read the licensing on this before you buy it..it's more limited than anyone would expect.


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