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    Yeh i think i agree with you guys. Im currently rendering the final img with the axial view towards the entrance. Will post soon some more details.

    Thkx for the comments once again.
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    gr8 work man
    it is very good work
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    Hi there.

    Small update. Dof test of a detail.

    I hand draw several quick sketchs of houses and detailed mixed things.
    Used a typical style of this architectural university - very well known kinda Siza style - dark tint, quick strokes over white paper.

    Scanned and created some A4 size papers and a pen that will be placed on the table of the library.

    I want it to be simple. Thats important too. I hope i can achieve that without looking too empty.

    The architecture/design/engineering books that will be appear all over the library, is a mix of evermotion free stuff (cortesy of Archkitectura) and Turbo Squid bookcase (by Bertrandb Bernoir).
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    hi man, very nice work...good luck!
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    As mentioned before, in the semi circle space (check img nş1 on post #33) students sometimes exihibit their final works of the year, etc.
    I decided to arrange a simple student architecture exigibition with dif hard paper models. Soon also with 3D images on the wall vertical panels.

    This are some of those models. Vry fast raw renders:
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    Amazing. The close-up render is great.
    (And very glad you found some use for my books)
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    Thank you for showing interest in my project. Its an honor. Good luck BB.

    Yeh, the books are rly a bless. I would never have the time to creat my own books in time for this competition.

    The medium and high poly models have amazing details.
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    Yeah, Bertrand assets are all superb.

    Great close-up Jacinto, love it. Those cardboard models are great too. Although that is not how I made my trees!

    Yes, by all means keep it simple! Siza style.
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    Thanks m-arch for the support. I wont forget the support of everyone in this wip.

    Dont know if i mentioned, the posted detail of the table is actually a crop from a final render (detail) that has some nice strong dof highlights too.

    Hope i can finish this in time. Im struggling with so much geometry/textures involved - some crashs here and there mostly due to the damm viewport - gotta update to 2012 this days, seems its faster/better surfing in the viewport.
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    Hi Jacinto,

    The close-up is perfect! Can't wait to see the "big picture". The scale models are a great addition to the "museum" space, too.

    Cheers and congratulations!

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    Realy nice space, renders, materials and lighting. Everything is looking nice and well concidered. Can't wait to see the finals
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    Thanks guys!
    Hope i can make something nice, realistic.

    SMALL RES. 1st Post P. attempt:

    Symetry of the space is really strong so intencionally i contradicted it with random things. From books to tiny details. A bit inspired by Victor Fretyan img concepts and post p.
    I might add one or other detail in the upper level. Rly depends on the people reaction to the shoot.

    Photoshop -> AE -> Photoshop

    VRay lens effect element was also used but forgot to post it.

    Hope you like it.


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    Nice progress, thanks for sharing you workflow!
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    So quality renders Jacinto!! Congrats!!
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    Thanks once again guys. Rly aprecciate it.
    Do you think the light/ contrast is ok in your monitors? No gamma/ over burned light, low contrast or wierd colors in the Cam1 AE.jpg? My Mac is not available so i can only view the img in my old CRT - which is nice - but its not normally the place where i post p. the imgs.

    Annkos, you can call me Jace if you want. Friends call me that.

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    Ok Jace!! You can call me Kostas!! I cant see the Cam1 AE.jpg for some reason.
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    Ive upload it once again. Hope its working now.
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    Nope, nothing yet but before you upload it again or something like that i hope someone can tell us if can see the render. Just to now i can see the broken image box.
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    No problems here, the attachment is working. Great picture, congrats!
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    Hello Jacinto, these are so beautiful, you are finishing up quite nicely!

    These are the two images I see and this is what they look like with my Samsung LCD (bare in mind it's been a while since I last checked my gamma, and this is no Mac):

    Cam 2 Raw Render.jpg: just a little washed out and lack of contrast (understandably so, it's a raw render... LWF), but great sharpness on some of the details. Symmetry looks absolutely appropriate for this space, very powerful POV. Amazing image considering this is straight out of your Max. I find Bertrand's orange books a little strange though. I know it's considered trendy nowadays to organize books by colour at home, but I don't think this is suitable for a library.

    Cam 2 AE.jpg: I can see the post, there's more contrast, love it. I get a bluish shadow on the ceilings maybe? Light is a tiny tiny little bit burned out on some spots perhaps, but I kinda like it that way, and I love a slight bloom/glow. The very subtle foreground blur/DOF is nice, but I miss some of the details from the raw render.

    Jacinto, I'm a little obsessive, you know? Images look awsome overall!
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