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    Jan 2004

    3ds Max Tips.


    I want to share my knowledge about modeling.

    1. Ctrl + red icons of subobject on command panel - convert selection to ... This is very usefull thing. You can use it for faster selecting.
    2. Use a lot of shortcuts. Binding functions to keyboard buttons can make your work more effective.
    3. Use user view to make more acurate cuts, slices and chamfers. Make sure to work with Arc rotate subobject:
    4. Use Isolate selection alt+q ..
    5. Some objects you can build faster and better with using splain technique and some tricks ... Here is small tutorial:
    - Build 2 rectangles:

    - Convert them to editable splain and attach one to another:

    - Select all vertex and use filet function on it:

    - Bevel splaines with some hight:

    - Chamfer top polygon:

    - Select 2 edges:

    - Use loop selection:

    - Chamfer this edges 3 times to make something like this :

    - Do this on bottom of model:

    - Select all polygons and add them to one smooth group or simply use smooth modifier with selected auto smooth. After this you will have smooth, and very clean mesh without useing meshsmooth:

    Soon i will add more

    Best regards, Tomek.
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    Oct 2004

    first three pages of an upcoming book keep goin´
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    Aug 2005

    thank u very much,... and we wait much more
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    Nov 2005


    thnx for the tip............... looking forward for more......
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    Dec 2005

    genius, thanks a lot!!!
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    and so am i, thank you very much....
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    Nov 2005

    sorry but i'm having problems with this............i've made the spine added a bevel modifier and then do i convert to an editable polygon.....???then how do chamber the top polygon??
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    Nov 2005

    don't worry i've worked it out..........very useful information, cheers
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    Sep 2006

    sorry, ima newbie,,, its to teach you a smooth complex shape but less polys..correct?
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    Oct 2006

    thanks for you and more in the future
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    Oct 2006

    thank u very much,I LIKE
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    Oct 2006

    cool stuff! I do appreciate it
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    Sep 2006

    picture links are broken
  14. xuanthi

    thanks you verymuch....
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    Jan 2004

    Well lets continue this ...


    1. Remember that when you are modeling something try to make a plan of your modeling . It's very important because it can speed up your work flow. Start from overall shape and finish on details.

    2. Working on layers is the best way to know where is something that you looking for. And this is best way to work on large scenes. For example when you build your exterior scene try to make some layers like: plants, building, interiors stuff, landscape... etc. And in 2 clicks you can hide/unhide layer that you want work on.

    3. You can do your startup scene with set up units... etc. Your 3ds max can start with teapot placed in viewport if you want . Just make scene and save it as maxstart.max in your 3dsmaxroot/scenes directory. Every time you will reset/run max this scene will automatically open.

    4. When you work with lines press i to center viewport on cursor. This help drawing curves.

    5. Some people that are working with 3ds max don't understand material editor. Well i will try to explain it a bit. Every slot that you see in material editor is just a slot for editing materials. Material can exist but it don't need to be displayed in material editor. If you want create new material but you don't want to overwrite old material. Just use get material that is under the materials slots (first button from left), not the button that is on the right of material name. You can choose there materials that are used in scene by checking browse from: scene ... or other that you want ... This can be selected object or some material library.

    6. You can make your rendering presets. Just set up scene and go to rendering menu (F10) there on the bottom of the window is Preset chooser. Choose Save preset, name it and save. You will be able to use this preset in any time you want.

    Best regards
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    Jun 2006

    非常好,,,,我又学了一招,,呵呵谢谢!very good,think you!
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    Dec 2006

    thank you ! very much !!!
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    Jan 2006

    good tips,i use alot more,shortcuts and techs to speed up,if any one hav prob. in any thing customizing,i can help with
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    Mar 2007

    hi syed naseer here. Thank a lot send me more. My Email id is
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    Sep 2006

    thanks,give more tips next time
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