Hi, I'm having trouble making faces, can anyone help me giving feedback?
female face(5).pngfemale face(3).pngfemale face(2).jpg

I got different references, because I'm following a tutorial e the reference provided is really low res, so I tried to get another one, in the end it's a mix between the one I got and the tutorial one.
female face.jpgfemale face(4).png

The parts that I have most trouble are: zygomatic bone, jaw line, eye socket, mouth and chin. If you spot something else that haven't been listed, feel free to point it out.

Many times I watch tutorials and courses who show good results really fast, I realized that many times I just give up too fast, maybe my problem is that I just didn't give enough time. Faces are something that I always struggle with, I don't feel confident making them. Here are some other attempts:
male face(8).pngmale face(4).pngmale face(5).pngmale face(3).png

Thx for reading, I appreciate the help!