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    The rescue render farm solution in period of coronavirus

    Dear all 3D artists,
    It is with great pleasure to introduce a new version of iRender rendering application, which helps you to submit your job directly from inside your 3D software, improving your workflow. It is indeed one of the best latest product we have recently introduced to the market.
    The new software allows end-users to access a remote server which is granted around 1 hour before your rental is to start. In a separate email you will be sent ID and password of your session on a remote server. After you log in to the remote server, the workflow is similar to using a local PC, but you can render with the power of many computers ( CPUs& GPUs) through a plug-in of Deadline-Thinkbox's render farm management software.

    To start working using your chosen 3D application, you would need to install the software & transfer all the files you need like on a regular workstation. Work on a remote server can be done in full screen mode as well.
    The new service is currently the best solution in both quality & price and suitable with the situation nowadays when the in-house render farm in your company is off. We invite you to try out the service at home and assure that you will be amazed at the rendering speed it will produce.
    It is best to plan your workflow with remote machines and book servers as many as you want. The sooner you book, the bigger possibility of machines availability. Simply to send us an e-mail with some basic information stated below so we can start the CPU& GPU servers’ booking process.
    • How many servers: CPU & GPU do you need?
    • When you want to start the rental and how long you need to have access to remote servers
    • What 3D application, renderer and plugins are used for the project?
    Once receiving your email, we will help to build your own online render farm to work perfectly anytime without queuing and meet your deadline.

    We always strive to give our clients the best service that is not only effective, but also convenient. We are grateful to you for always supporting us to do better with our services. We are excited about the new rendering solution, and we hope you will accept and appreciate this service as a good choice to render during this time.
    If you have any question or concerns regarding this new service, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@irender.net or call +84-862-868-890/ Skype name: Irender Support.
    Thank you for your continued support.

    Best regards,
    The iRender team.
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    That sounds good,
    I am new to renderfarms but will likely need something very soon for a big project. If you wish, I am interested!

    I will need a bit of handholding on the practical stuff, though. And I still run 2.79 for stability reasons.
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