I am Robert, Sales and Marketing Manager of Super Renders Farm LLC.
Super Renders are leading Cloud render farm solution in Visual effect, CGI, Animation, Advertising fields...

Currently, we are proud of serving for talented creative teams:
- Zombie studio in São Paulo, Brazil: https://zombiestudio.com.br/
- Motion 504 in USA: https://www.motion504.com/
- PIXELDUST Studios in Bethesda, MD: http://resolutionpost.com/main/
- VICTORY studio in SEATTLE, WA,USA.:https://www.victorystudios.com/
and thousands of other wonderful teams over the world.

Super Renders Farm provides Studios with a rendering solution which is much faster speed and affordable price.

Our base price is only from $ 0.004 / Ghz-hr. With the same rendering speed, the price of Super Renders Farm is only 1/3 Rebusfarm, 1/4 Ranch Computing, 1/4 ZyncRender ...
Combined, we have discount policy up to 40%. and we also have special packages for large projects with payment plans.

I know lots of people who are 3D hobbyists that never consider Cost of electricity but it's important.
When you're rendering for hours / days at a time, your cost of electricity is very real.
If the electricity you're buying is expensive, renting render time from Super renders farm that are backed by cheaper power can make more economic sense.

I am sure that you will be surprised and extremely satisfied with Super Renders Farm.

If interested, please contact me via my email or look me up on Skype. My Skype id is “livehongsu12”.
Website: https://superrendersfarm.com