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    Vray 3,6 vs Octane 3/4 (for modo)

    Hi everyone.

    I am a photographer/postproducer who is getting into CGI.
    Since a while I've been using Modo, so far only regard to the modelling part, I haven't rendered anything yet.
    I am a neophyte and perhaps my question will sound trivial to many of you.

    Standing to the recent innovations introduced in vray 3.6 (VRSCANSmaterials and GPU HYBRID RENDERING), how narrow is now the gap between the two rendering engines?
    Let me explain better... before the main differences were: vray> more tricky settings, more used for architectural rendering, cpu based... octane> more easy settings, used for almost everything, gpu based.
    Vray 3.5 had the option to render with the gpu but that setting had limitations (I'm talking about things based on what I've seen on some tutorials on youtube), which was that it rendered everything sharp, without being able to apply focal plane's blurs.....with the new GPU mode HYBRID RENDERING he simply sums up the power cpu+gpu? Or is there still that limitation of no blur? and what percentage of it? 70%cpu+30%gpu or half and half?

    I ask for all this because I would have to decide which rendering engine to use, and therefore based on that also the hardware on which to invest.
    Before I was more oriented on octane but now I am very undecided because vr scans materials and the hybrid modality of vray seem very cool things, I just wanted to understand in what percentage these things are "marketing" news....obviously this speech is related to the above mentioned plug-ins for MODE.

    The field of application will be: images of products, liquids, cars, and other stuffs of this type.
    The level of realism has to be total.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry, I can't solve the problem for you, because I am also a newbie, if you don't mind we can learn together
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