Custom fresnel curve in Cycles - Tip of the Week

Kamil Kuklo 2014-08-11 09:40 tutorial  > Blender  > texturing

Have you ever wondered how to control reflections, material color or any other shading parameter according to the viewer's angle? This week's tip of the week reveals a secret of gaining access to fresnel curve and changing it according to our needs!

Discover the unique node setup that will help to improve your Cycles projects in Blender.

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Author: Kamil Kuklo Editor: martta
Tags: blender fresnel tipoftheweek material cycles
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19120343216:22:44  |  11-08-2014
which software it is?
martta15:35:16  |  12-08-2014
1d01:27:30  |  14-08-2014
Wow, that was really useful! I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out using direct fresnel instead of mix - layer weight structure =) Thank you!


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