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See how MeshFusion can be used to interactively blend the subtraction, addition and intersection of subdivision surfaces.

MeshFusion for MODO has been developed by Braid Art Labs based upon the previous GroBoto technology. This revolutionary new modeling plugin is available exclusively for MODO 701. By adding MeshFusion to your MODO workflow, you will be able to take advantage of new modeling operations that will let you interactively blend, add and subtract objects to create consistently high quality Subdivision Surface (SDS) models.





Why add MeshFusion to MODO?

  • Create booleans between subdivision surface (SDS) objects
  • Control the blending between the resulting surfaces
  • Edit assembly instructions creatively with three intuitive editing modes (3D Tree Fusion, Schematic Fusion and Fusion Strip)
  • Use with deformers and other MODO modeling tools, giving freedom to experiment more
  • Final mesh output is a single unified mesh ready for further editing or export to .STL for 3D printing


Read more about MeshFusion.

Author: The Foundry Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: modeling mesh
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