Advanced Glass Shader in Cycles - Blender 2.8 Tutorial

Gleb Alexandrov 2018-11-16 08:49 tutorial  > Blender  > modeling

Create high quality glass shader.

Simulating a glass shader with dispersion, caustics and other wizardry in Cycles can be tedious. The architecture of vanilla path-tracing engines like Cycles just doesn’t work well with caustics. So… is there a workaround?



In this Blender tutorial we’ll explore the tips and tricks of creating the advanced glass material in Cycles, without compromising the quality (too much). To be able to follow along the tutorial, a decent video card is required (for example GeForce GTX 1080).

Now it’s time to download the project files or maybe start from scratch and create your own uber glass shader in Cycles.

Author: Gleb Alexandrov Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: glass blender glass
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The video is not for the subject
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