Blender: 20 styles of 3d modeling in 20 minutes

YT 2018-08-01 10:21 tutorial  > Blender  > modeling

Gleb Alexandrov shows different modeling tehniques in Blender.

Discover 20+ styles of 3D modeling ranging from good old sub-d modeling to a neural network-aided design.



So many topics included! Sculpting, Sculpting with Dynamic Topology, Sculpting with Masks, SubD Modeling, Boolean Operations, Metaballs, Drawing Topology, Extracting Geometry, Splines, Spline Modifiers - Screw, Spline Modifiers - Curve, Spline Modifiers - Skin, NURBS, Spline Surfaces, Vector Graphics to 3D, Shadowbox, Displacemen, Kitbash, Photogrammetry, Particles and forces, Particles and scatter, CAD, Camera Calibration & Poly Modeling, Physics simulation - Cloth, Physics simulation - Fracture, Physics simulation - Fluids, Math Functions, Parametric Modeling, Generative Modeling, Organic Growth Algorithms, Fractals, Dynamic Paint, Voxels, Marching Cubes, Modeling/Sculpting in VR, Artificial Intelligence.




Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: blender gleb alexandrov modeling
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