Using ForestPack and RailClone for Large Scale Environments

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How to create large exterior scene and don't kill your workstation in the process.

iToo published a great bunch of tutorials made by Polymachine covering different aspects of the latest edition of Forest Pack and RailClone helping in creating large scale environments. Polymachine used polymodeling for creating terrain and defining landscape shape, then they used placeholder geometry to decide about camera angle and composition of a scene.



On the video above you can see the basic setup of using ForestPack to scatter elements on surfaces, controlling their scale and density with the slope angle, etc.

When it comes to believable modeling, randomisation is always helping to achieve photo-realistic effects. Slight rotation, scale and translation of planks helps to achieve more organic and natural look.

When working on a large scale environment, it's important to use non-destructive workflow, and keeping elements parametric, which is very helpful, when it comes to defining the final look of the scene or making some last minute changes. we can, for example, keep our power lines as a parametric model from RailClone.



You can also use RailClone to create board walks.


Another tip for randomising the look of elements:


Using patches for creating ground cover makes our scene more managable.


You will find more tutorials and informations about using ForestPack and RailClone in iToo blog entry. If you are interested in aquiring ForestPack or RailClone, visit our shop: find out more about Forest Pack and RailClone by iToo.

Author: iToo / Polymachine Editor: Michał Franczak
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