Using the Tissue add-on for architecture scenes

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Create custom tiles in your room with Tissue add-on for Blender.

We will cover our wall with pattern using Tissue add-on. It is pretty straightforward in use - you create your base mesh, then you create your pattern tile, select both objects (pattern first, base mesh second) and click" tesselate" in tissue add-on menu. You can control pattern thickness with scale parameter in the Tesselate options panel. You also need to check rotation of your pattern. Luckily, you can modify these parameters later by selecting your wall and clicking "Settings" in Tissue panel. If you make any modifications to pattern object, you can also click "Refresh" in Tissue panel and distribution will be re-calculated and updated. In one moment you get pattern evenly distributed onto the wall.

Don't forget to remove doubles on your mesh generated by Tissue.

You can also align distribution to your UV map. Tutorial is in french, but has english subtitles:


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