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Creating scene 7 from Archinteriors vol. 46.

This loft scene is a part of Archinteriors vol. 46. You can buy this single scene or entire collection in Evermotion Shop.

Click on image to enlargeAI46_007_PP_vray_00311.jpg

Final render after post-production in Photoshop. It's a three-floor interior with a staircase in the middle. It can be a base for loft residential, commercial or office space.



  • AI46S7__0043_Layer_1_vray_00277.jpg
  • AI46S7__0042_Layer_2_vray_00276.jpg
Camera view - with materials colors enabled / disabled (drag the slider)


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0041_Layer_3_vray_00275.jpg

Two planes in front and behind the main building were placed to simulate outside environment.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0040_Layer_4_vray_00274.jpg

Planes: close-up. We don't need here anything but just a simple facade projected on a plane.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0039_Layer_5_vray_00273.jpg

Planes: material settings. for better control over reflections, we used two different bitmap settings - darker for diffuse slot and brighter for reflections slot.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0038_Layer_6_vray_00310.jpg

Planes: material settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0037_Layer_7_vray_00309.jpg

Planes: material settings (continued).


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0034_Layer_10_vray_00306.jpg

External view - Vray Sun settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0033_Layer_11_vray_00305.jpg

Vray light portals in windows. 


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0032_Layer_12_vray_00304.jpg

Glazing on the roof with ribbing.


Click on image to enlargeOZEBROWANIE_RENDER_evermotion_314.jpg

Ribbing - fast render.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0031_Layer_13_vray_00303.jpg

Glazing material is just a simple glass.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0029_Layer_15_vray_00301.jpg

Ribbing material - dark, painted metal.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0028_Layer_16_vray_00300.jpg

Fast render from the top perspective.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0027_Layer_17_vray_00299.jpg

Interior close-up. 


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0026_Layer_18_vray_00298.jpg

We placed Light portals in each wall opening / window.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0024_Layer_20_vray_00296.jpg

The second floor. It's not visible to the camera, so we left it rather empty, except a few plants. Interior is perfectly ready for rendering - it just needs some props.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0023_Layer_21_vray_00295.jpg

Additional lights beneath the ceiling. We used Vray IES lights, IES settings on the right.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0021_Layer_23_vray_00293.jpg

Walls material.



Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0018_Layer_26_vray_00290.jpg

Walls (non-brick) material.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0016_Layer_28_vray_00288.jpg

Ventilation pipe mesh


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0015_Layer_29_vray_00287.jpg

Ventilation pipe material.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0014_Layer_30_vray_00286.jpg

Ventilation pipe material (continued)


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0013_Layer_31_vray_00285.jpg

Ventilation pipe material (continued)


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0012_Layer_32_vray_00284.jpg

Ventilation pipe material - anisotropy map.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0011_Layer_33_vray_00283.jpg

Staircase mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0010_Layer_34_vray_00282.jpg

Staircase material (glass).


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0009_Layer_35_vray_00281.jpg

A rug mesh and vray fur plane beneath it. Vray fur settings on the right.


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0008_Layer_36_vray_00280.jpg

A rug mesh (close-up).


Click on image to enlargeAI46S7__0007_Layer_37_vray_00279.jpg

A rug material.


Click on image to enlargerender_settings_vray_00278.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_007_raw_evermotion_00313.jpg

Raw render.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_007_PP_vray_00311.jpg

Render after post-production in Photoshop.


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: vray archinteriors office interior loft interior vray office loft
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