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Archmaterials vol. 4
Archmaterials vol. 4


Parallax Maps Compatible with: 3ds Max / V-Ray and Corona Renderer

SPECIAL BONUS: two cover scenes prepared for V-ray 4.0 with 3dsmax 2019 included.

Download Installation and usage guide.

Download Evermotion OSL script

Archmaterials vol. 4 is our first Open Shading Language (OSL) Parallax Maps collection of room interiors. Parallax maps can be added to a single plane - but in the render you get an interior with a real depth feeling. The room itself contains no extra geometry, the interiors exist only in a shader. You can easily and quickly add many interiors for your buildings at almost no performance cost. This collection is ideal for creating interiors in skyscrapers and shop expositions.

Interior Maps are EXR texture files. What makes them special is that you can assign them to the 2d planes and in the render you will see the 3d interior with a sense of depth that holds even when moving camera around the scene.

This technique was used to create skyscrapers' interiors in Marvel's Spider Man game, it also became popular in architectural visualization - because it lets you to create buildings with interiors quickly and easy and it is very fast to render.





*.max - 2011 or higher

V-Ray *.max - 3.0 or higher
Corona *.max

Archmaterials vol. 4




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