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Hello, this will be my entry for this challenge. One of my favorite spaces is the studio and home on 101 Spring Street in Soho, New York. This cast-iron building was bought by the artist Donald Judd in 1968. The building was built in 1870 and designed by Nicholas Whyte. Donald Judd’s idea about the building is that the given circumstances should be very simple: the floors must be open, the right angle of windows on each floor must not be interrupted, and any changes must be compatible. The requirements were that the building be useful for living and working and more importantly, more definitely, be a space in which to install work of his and of others. 153527 153528 153595 153530 153531 A renovation of the building was completed in 2013 by the Judd Foundation. The documentation and drawings has been the base of my inspiration, modelling and texturing for this competition. Starting with some basic modeling from plans in Archicad: 153552 153558 Trying out some basic views and lighting with the basic model: 153535 Using the Archicad model as a base I then start to add details and textures: 155053153554 153555 Some more tests of lighting, angles with textures and some post work in photoshop: 153559 153550 153546 Examples of furniture and art, modelling and texturing: 153538 155054 153537 Raw render and layers: 155052 FINAL IMAGE: 156284 2550x1650 - Archicad, Cinema 4d, Vrayforc4d, Photoshop 2016 Details: 156245 156249 156248 156247 Artwork: Donald Judd, Untitled - Douglas Fir plywood 1978. Mark Rothko, Red on Maroon Mural, Section 2 - Oil on Canvas 1959. Mark Rothko, No 14 - Oil on Canvas 1951. Lucas Cranach the Elder, Judith with the Head of Holofernes - Oil on Canvas 1530. Constantin Brancusi, Sleeping Muse - Bronze 1910. Carl André, 16 Small Aluminum Square - Aluminum 1981. Ai Wei Wei, Sunflower Seeds - Painted Porcelain 2011. Alberto Giacometti, Standing Woman - Cast Bronze 1949. Models: Most models created by me. Furniture is modeled with the basic 3d dwg provided by Fritz Hansen, Artek from their websites. Bookshelf is modified model from USM. Radiator, convectors, books paper and table lamp are customized Evermotion models. Teapot from model+model. Surrounding buildings are from turbosquid, Kimerling Models A. Good Luck!

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