How you can make your work visible on the frontpage [in one step]

"I want my work to be on the frontpage. How can I do it?" - We hear this question a lot. The answer is simple: Make great work! And that's it. You don't have to ask for it or submit it anywhere. There are millions of minions crawling all forum galleries that sniff around and look for the best works. When they find it, they bring them to Evermotion staff which chooses carefully works that go to the frontpage and / or Evermotion Facebook fanpage. If you go to the frontpage you also gain "Editors' Choice Award" badge that is placed below your forum avatar (it does not display under forum names without avatar). 122405 Requirements are: - work should have decent resolution. No 800 x 600 renders please, give us something bigger! - no HUGE logo or logo in the center of work. You can attach your studio / own logo in the corner of work - good technical quality. No blurry textures, bad lighting and other errors in your work - something that makes your work distinct from other people works. what should it be? Let's just call it "artistic approach" that is achieved by hard work and a little bit of talent. - if the work is exceptionally good it can gain "The Best of Evermotion" award. It is put in "The Best of Evermotion" forum and author gets a nice golden badge, fame and honor! Good luck! You can do it! :) All the best Mike / Evermotion

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