evermotion challenge 2013 final entry

Software used: - Cinema 4D - Photoshop -Vray Sources for textures and models: vrayc4d.com My tread is bed room in future. My opinion is that in 100 jears or 200 jears will ahitecture and shapes of interior not change drastically. I think that in future, we will be forced to using natural materials (stone, wood, glass,...), reason for this is poor use of materials, which gives us the nature, for example forest. I live in Slovenia , Slovenia It covers 20,273 square kilometers and is 3rd state in Europe whit most forested land, with 58.5% of the territory covered by forests but the usage of wood is very low. So as I said, in future I think that the wood will be the most used material. 111074 111075 111076

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