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Bartosz Domiczek
Bartosz Domiczek
Architect | Poland, Bielsko-Biała
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Bartosz Domiczek
2020-01-21  |  08:05


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adamzaka21:22:35  |  08-11-2013
Ciao! I own a Architectural Rendering Firm, and am interested in bringing you on board for some potential Free-Lance projects. Would you be interested? If so, please email me at - Regards,
mary-am10:40:37  |  07-03-2014
Hi. I saw your works. They are fantastic . I like 3ds-Max and I do work with that software. I would be very thankful if you help me and say how you began 3ds-Max and how you achieved this skill and can I ask your job? Or your University majority? And do you work with a group or alone? Thanks a lot and sorry for asking so many questions
mary-am18:28:33  |  09-04-2014
Hello. Thanks a lot for answering me. I became very happy to realize that you're an architect because I am an Architecture student. I am very happy to see that you ,as an architect, have such wonderful works... Sorry for my English because my native language isn't that.. So much thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
mary-am19:00:21  |  26-11-2014
Hello..How are you doing?.I've become very interested in your works and as you said you are architect; I would be very glad to see your works.know about architecture in your country or whatever related.I live in Iran and if you like;I would be very happy to have information exchange.. If interested I am really looking forward to hearing from you... mary


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