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CATEGORY: 3d models

Victoria and Albert sofas

Leiurus 2010-06-27 15:14 CATEGORY: 3d models
3D models of the Victoria & Albert sofas deisgned by Ron Arad for MOROSO. Symetrical and asymetrical items, fully shadered, accurate dimensions. Note: the displacement in the shader is there only to swell the model a bit and fill the sewing gap, can be adjusted depending on view or simply turned off for far view.
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mili_agarwal11:24:11  |  09-08-2011
gud 1
banditcameraman03:42:35  |  25-11-2012
Thank you so much for sharing =)
kaituozhe08:09:39  |  26-11-2013
tamo413923:27:30  |  08-04-2014
amazing! thank you
maedra21:52:07  |  12-06-2014
;) good 1
euriloco13:45:04  |  18-02-2017


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