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CATEGORY: 3d models

Prins Bed

campanella 2009-08-21 13:08 CATEGORY: 3d models
max 2009, vray 1.5 sp2
File size: 5.44 MB Rating Downloads: 16967


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Lee Zi16:53:13  |  24-08-2009
good good~!!^^
xeon_max04:37:46  |  28-08-2009
very good thanks.
mako75811:46:33  |  10-09-2009
HI I admire your modelling. Could you roughly explain how you made it becasue it looks very natural? If you want you can send the answer to Thanks a lot in advance!
ashoo13:15:11  |  17-09-2009
Brillient work,very nice modelling.Could u tell me how u made it.Please send the answer to
sandeepgaur917:11:52  |  20-09-2009
Very nice bed its look real bed Thanks a lot.
chitomudo10:49:31  |  24-12-2009
wow thanks
boooodi_413:42:06  |  10-01-2010
Hi< Its amazing work, i tried to open the file but i could not i am using max 9 should i use max 2009?? to open it. pls send the the answer if u want to thanks a lot
milanojin15:22:36  |  19-01-2010
he didn't modeled this bed. it is the model that can download from Flou Italy. and I think it is not fair to upload models like that without permission.
vicman6422:38:42  |  08-04-2010
All artworks in this page are wonderful, and this very special; what I looking for. Thanks.
luoyuanqiu03:47:11  |  09-04-2010
very good,I like such style
luoyuanqiu03:47:18  |  09-04-2010
very good,I like such style
nuos10:42:47  |  13-04-2010
very good, i lake style very very
foad_8313:39:04  |  26-05-2010
very good,thanks...
artmak18:45:44  |  14-12-2010
The mattress looks exactly like the one from B&B Italy site, are you sure you model that?
archimax3D12:46:14  |  19-10-2012
Very goooood! 10!!!
banditcameraman03:39:09  |  25-11-2012
Thank you so much for sharing =)
AnnBird14:12:04  |  28-08-2013
baobinh07:52:52  |  31-10-2013
nice it!!!
qyqo00:37:12  |  05-11-2013
sakaki91216:00:29  |  10-11-2013
Thanks! :)
O.Torija19:27:34  |  18-01-2014
so good
luquiluc12:30:28  |  23-08-2014
SEANTAI02:49:44  |  21-11-2014
like the bed. thanks
ariba10509:14:28  |  30-04-2015
mthemelis18:32:23  |  11-06-2015


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