Chinese Street Food Night Market. Places found in corners of large cities packed with life and food...mmm, food... Image 01: Rough sketch for composition. Image 02: Modeled props and some basic materials. Image 03: Restaurant names mask and food items. Image 04: References. Image 05: Anima people. Image 06: Scene screenshot of the final composition. Image 07: Clay render. Image 08: Final render for now. Will change it a little bit later if needed. Image 09: Final render refined. Added little more signs variations and little post in camera raw. Software: 3dsMax, Corona, PS, FP, RC Not modeled: Food from AM 170, Tree from AM 176


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strale10:42:29  |  08-11-2018
Almost forgot, SCFNM = Chinese Street Food Night Market :) Tree is from Archmodels 172 and foods from Archmodels 170
strale11:03:17  |  08-11-2018
Signs tests:
pjmielnik22:23:35  |  21-11-2018
This is starting to look interesting. Looking forward to your progress :)


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