Vittorio Bonapace

A Day At The Races

2069 - Not so far from now. A Day At The Races to save the Planet. Apparently the Earth looks natural and safe. Still a nice place where to live. Apparently. Pollution and huge climate changes have made air impossibile and unhealtly to breath. Everyone needs an helmet that cleans air. Whitout this, humans could breath just a few seconds. Then it comes irreparable damage for lungs. No way back. A young kid champions race to express the hope to breath again. To push everyone to stop all this and look forward the future. A hope coming from the young people, those who deserve a better future. This is an image that reflects the future to me. Not a futuristic vision with weird sci-fi buildings but a Community image with a way to live our lifes completely different from now. Our task is to look at the structure of why we are failing as human beings. And all of us, we are failing. And if we don't have faith in the people, what do we have faith in? The future is in the human beings credits: AXYZ Models. Humano 3D. Evermotion. Kitbash. Except 1 Kitbash building model, two Evermotion Building models and 3D people, everything modeled from a scratch, Trees, cars and tires included.


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Vittorio Bonapace21:26:35  |  07-02-2019
This is my submission for the Evermotion Challenge 2018. A Day in the City "Shapes at the park" A calm dawn to connect nature, humans and architecture. We look through timeless patterns chasing dreams and beauty. Software Used: 3ds Max, V-ray, Photoshop, Z-Brush, Marvelous Designer, Lightroom Credits: AXYZ People Models


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