Mohsen Hashemi

Extinction: Final Episode - Overhung City

we didn't grant planet earth, everyday me made new policies for government's benefits which destroyed the planet piece by piece. we invented robots as slaves, we made them more and more conscious of our comfort. they became emotional machines in which they don't know what is life, what is destiny, where they can find salvation. we used natural sources in the wrong way of building without any perspective of how the world will look in the future. we sacrificed sustainable designs to show off our wealth and power and now there is nothing left of the planet. the only hope for human life came through new architectural opinion on overhung cities. and Today is the last day on the ground so, If you want to survive, and if you find a chance to live, JUST RUN. Credit to evermotion, Cgtexture, quixel mixer, megascan, kitbash 3d, Poliigon texture


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ken2887508:16:17  |  14-01-2019
Very lighting and reflections on the glass skyscrapers. Good luck!


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