Unreal Engine 4.6 Released

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With a slew of lighting and material improvements and huge updates to animation workflows.

The new Mobile Preview rendering mode lets you edit your scene just as it would appear on a mobile device. UI creation with Unreal Motion Graphics has been greatly enhanced, and you can now place interactive UI widgets right into 3D scenes. there are also improvements to mobile and console platforms in 4.6, along with hundreds of other features and bug fixes.

Precomputed lighting and shadows are now supported on foliage objects and instanced meshes! This allows for very efficient rendering in scenes with Stationary or Static lights.


Static lighting is appropriate for medium sized levels but does not scale up to huge scenes in build times or memory requirements. Be sure to use very small lightmap resolutions on meshes that will be instanced many times.

Materials can use up to 128 unique textures by making use of new 'shared' texture samplers.  These are set on a TextureSample node by setting the SamplerSource property.  Previously, you could only use up to 13 textures.

Materials with Many Textures

This is a really important improvement for layered materials like terrain, high quality character materials, and more advanced forward shading materials.

More info and download on Unreal Engine site.

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