Athens Tech Demo Siggraph 2013

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Whiskytree ancient Athens recreation - 1,62B triangles.

In this scene - "Recreation of Athens", presented on Siggraph 2013 you can see 1,62 billion of visible triangles. Pure awesomness by Whiskytree, a VFX comapny that stands behind great visual effects of Elysium:

Author: Vimeo Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: siggraph whiskytree
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lithningblue12:15:23  |  25-11-2013
Amazing landscape and build design.
hamzamihoub19:31:45  |  25-11-2013
what program is used in this demo
leo3dever22:05:04  |  26-11-2013
hamzamihoub17:50:12  |  01-12-2013
can anyone provide a tutorial on how to do similar work in 3dsmax or is it impossible


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