24 Hours of Chaos livestream starts today!

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Join 50 new virtual talks from 3D artists and designers around the globe.

Chaos announced that ‘24 Hours of Chaos,’ its annual community livestream, is returning September 8-9 with 50 new virtual talks from 3D artists and designers around the globe. Beginning at 18:00 (GMT+1) in Western Europe, every two hours viewers can connect with a different set of artists from nearly every continent. Twelve shows will be broadcast live, totaling 24 hours of presentations streamed for free on YouTube, Twitch, Bilibili and Facebook.

Since launching in 2020 as a way for the 3D community to connect during the height of the pandemic, 24 Hours of Chaos has seen steady growth, attracting nearly 20,000 viewers during last year’s session.

This year’s show will continue to work that winning formula, featuring in-depth presentations, behind-the-scenes demonstrations, discussions, quizzes and giveaways with CG innovators, giving audiences a chance to discover new talent, analyze global trends and learn techniques they can build into their own workflows.

Speakers hail from all corners of the 3D world, including architecture, design, visual effects and advertising. The current speaker list includes:

  • VFX/Animation: Industrial Light & Magic, FuseFX, Blur Studio, Rising Sun Pictures, Voltaku, ModelFarm, Infinite Studios, Green Rain Studios, Lucan Studio, NEP Virtual Studios, Oblik Studio, Chocolate Tribe
  • Architecture: Neoscape, Aesthetica Studio, Narrativ, Aplomb, Tom Visuals, Trust Engineering, RMAW, Margarita Nikita, Suburbia Studio, Rita Nasour, Another Artist, Floodslicer
  • Advertising/Illustration: Rise New York & Partners, Zombie Studio, Mora Vieytes, Post November
  • Automotive: Wooden Gun
  • Gaming/Experiential: Tencent, Agrebi Nidhal, Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Company, Liminal VR
  • Manufacturing/Product: Lanterne Digitale
  • Educators: Dapoer Animasi, Tongji University

While the event is live, everything will be archived so viewers can easily catch up on any shows they missed. Live viewers, however, will also have the opportunity to win free licenses and swag. For more information or to see the full list of community partners, please visit: the 24 Hours of Chaos website.

Livestream Links:


Author: Chaos Group Editor: Michał Franczak
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